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Make waxing less taxing

We recommend that your hair is between 1-1.5cm in length. This will make it easier and less painful for us to remove. By attending regular appointments every 4-6 weeks, you will see a dramatic difference in hair thickness and ease of removal.


Waxing is not just for women. We offer a range of men's waxing treatments too. Contact our team about back and chest men's waxing.

 •  Choose from a range of bikini waxing services

 •  Save money by combining waxing treatments

 •  Targeted facial waxing solutions

 •  Treat yourself to a facial or other beauty treatments when you've finished

Contact our team about the right hair removal solution for you

Discreet hair removal solutions

We understand that removing unwanted hair from your body isn't one of the most enjoyable tasks. At Natural Beauty, Surrey, we use premium waxing products for efficient hair removal. The finish you will get from waxing is definitely worth it. You will have smoother skin, fewer in-grown hairs and slower re-growth.

Waxing Discounts

50% off

Attend regular waxing treatments and we will reward your loyalty. After every sixth visit we will give you 50% off!



Using a soothing crème wax, designed for use on even the most sensitive skins


Full Leg & Hollywood (up to 70 min) £46.00


Full Leg & Extended Bikini / Brazilian (up to 70 min) £43.00


Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm (up to 60 min) £43.00


Full Leg (up to 40min) £32.00


Full Leg & Bikini (up to 40 min) £38.50


Half Leg & Hollywood (up to 40 min) £43.00


Half Leg & Extended Bikini / Brazilian (up to 40 min) £39.50


Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm (up to 40 min) £37.50


Half Leg & Bikini (up to 30 min) £32.00


Half Leg (up to 30 min) £24.00


Upper Leg (up to 30 min) £26.50


Three Quarter Leg (up to 30 min) £27.50


Hollywood (up to 30 min) £32.00


Extended Bikini / Brazilian (up to 30 min) £28.50


Bikini (up to 10 min) £18.00


Underarm (up to 10 min) £10.00


Full Arm (up to 30 min) £21.00


Forearm (up to 20 min) £15.00


Abdomen (up to 10 min) £11.00


Lip & Chin (up to 10 min) £11.00


Lip (up to 10 min) £7.00


Chin (up to 10 min) £7.00


Eyebrow (up to 10 min) £11.00


Chest (up to 30 min) £27.50


Back (up to 30 min) £27.50


Massage & Facial Bundles


Prescripted Facial & Full body Massage (120 Min ) £90.00


Age Smart Facial & Back Massage (90 Min ) £91.00


Back Massage & Express facial (60 Min ) £62.50


Blackhead Buster & Detox massage (60 Min ) £60.50


Massage Courses


As a one off treatment, A Massage is wonderfully relaxing and de-stressing treatment, however there are times when a single treatment is just not enough to iron out the knots and relieve the stress that eve-ryday life can inflict on us!


Course of 6 Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £181.50


Course of 10 Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £286.00


Course of 6 Full Body Massage £258.00


Course of 10 Full Body Massage £396